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PADSMASH! Episode 52- Cutting the Mustard

This is it- X-Factor comes to PADSMASH! Join us as we look at the formation of a brand new team, and one that will change the way that you look at an X-Men comic book. With X-Factor 71, the group comes together, for various reasons, and form the government sanctioned Read On..

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The Hulk is Coming to Marvel Pinball in 2012

The incredibly popular DLC game “Marvel Pinball” will be adding a new, greener character tot heir collection of custom pinball tables. The Hulk will be joining the ranks of Wolverine, X-Men, and Thor in a custom table to be released online in 2012. While the exact release date has not Read On..

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PADSMASH! Episode 09- Incredible Hulk 340

This week- it’s Adamantium Rage in the snow as The Hulk comes face to claw with the X-Men’s Wolverine. It’s a ferocious battle of strength and willpower as the Gray Goliath takes on the mutant poster-child who made his first appearance in the Incredible Hulk comics. If that wasn’t enough- Bruce Banner fights communist Soviets who have captured him. Marvel at the Hulk, Read On..

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