PADSMASH! Episode 64- Great X-Pectations

X-Factor goes up against another X-Team’s villains, when Stryfe and the Mutant Liberation Front stop by for some tea.

Except, without the tea, and there is actually a lot of fighting because they are breaking the Nasty Boys out of prison.

And, the final fate of Vic Chalker, a tale of tragedy and woe the likes of which have never been seen in a comic book before. Get the tissues handy for this one as we cover X-Factor #77.

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PADSMASH! Episode 63- Fortunes of War

The conclusion of “War and Pieces” is here. X-Factor and The Hulk confront Farnoq Dahn with The Pantheon along for the ride.

Incredible Hulk 392 gives us the final fate of Trans-Sabal, and the ending will haunt one of our core characters going forward.

Lee and Dave talk about the cost of war, and the repercussions, and gray areas of where The Hulk has gone this time.

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PADSMASH! Episode 62- X-Communication

This time around, a bit of an interlude to “War and Pieces” which finds Wolfsbane in the starring role of a though-provoking story.

While the rest of X-Factor goes toe to toe with The Pantheon, we get a glimpse into the culture and mindset of Trans-Sabal, and that leads to an event that will forever change one character.

Lee and David look at, and discuss, X-Factor #76, and don’t forget- next week is the conclusion of “War and Pieces.”

PADSMASH! Episode 61- X-Calation

The crossover between X-Factor and The Incredible Hulk hits high gear, as our merry mutants arrive in Trans-Sabal.

Incredible Hulk 391 pits our two books against each other, for an intense fight, that may not end well for Havok and The Hulk.

Lots of explosions, emotions, and mustach-twitching excitement awaits in the crossover event of the year, with J David Weter and Lee Busby doing the play by play.

PADSMASH! Episode 60: The Nasty Boys

X-Factor #75 is a giant-sized issue, which means that Lee and David have a lot to cover.

This issue has revelations on the shadowy conspirator (spoiled on the cover) and Lorna and Rahne having a heart to heart (Almost) as well as the big showdown at the nation’s capitol (Short and sweet)

But, the big question is answered- Who is the real Jamie Madrox? Prepare for a twist, folks.

And, next week- X-Factor and The Incredible Hulk collide in Trans-Sabal, as “War and Pieces” heats up.

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PADSMASH! Episode 59- This Means War

It is all out war as The Hulk and The Pantheon go to the country of Trans-Sabal to tackle the problem of a ruthless dictator.

But, are things as cut and dry as The Hulk would like to think? Who is the mysterious benefactor supplying the country with S.H.I.E.L.D. issue Mandroids?

Lee and David learn the value of a pair of size 20 pink bunny slippers, and explore how to please a woman, and make her beg for more as they crack open The Incredible Hulk #390, a story that will lead to a conflict with a certain genetically-challenged government task force.

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PADSMASH! Episode 58- Politically Incorrect

Strong Guy steps up to the plate for a monumental fight against a new foe, as the shadowy figure who has been plotting against X-Factor is revealed.

But, how are these connected, and why is Val Cooper going to have a conniption? All of this and more will be revealed as Dave and Lee look at X-Factor #74.

And, your emails, random legionnaires, and a Magnum twofer to top it all off.

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PADSMASH! Episode 57- Of Man and Man-Thing

What do you get when you send The Hulk to the swamps of Florida? Teen horror movie victims, and Man-Thing.

You, know, as it Giant Sized Man-Thing?

Hulk had better ask The Pantheon for a raise, because this time they have put him at odds with a creature who sets things aflame with a touch. Luckily, Rick Jones is along to do the heavy-lifting as we look at Incredible Hulk #389 by guest-writer Tom Field.

PADSMASH! Episode 56- Crowd Control

It’s more Madrox action than you can shake a banjo at, as Multiple Man fights Multiple Man, with the rest of X-Facor caught in the middle.

Lee and David crack open X-Factor #73, which also includes a House Party movie pitch, and Vic Chalker’s proud moment of glory.

And, who is next on the hitlist of the mysterious evil mastermind? Find out in this episode.

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PADSMASH! Episode 55- Thicker Than Water

This week, a topical issue of Incredible Hulk.

Hulk and Rick reunite with the Jade Giant’s old running buddy, Jim Wilson who is harboring a secret.

And, we meet Speedfreek, who may hold enough power in his adamantium blades to give The Hulk a run for his money.

Come, spend an hour or so with us as we look at The Incredible Hulk issue 388.