PADSMASH! Episode 21- Incredible Hulk 351 and 352

Join us on a journey to a realm of sword, sorcery, and green people. The Hulk returns to a microscopic realm that he hasn’t set foot in since Gerald Ford was president- this time as a god!!!

No, really. The Hulk is worshipped in all the lands, somewhere in a petri dish.

It’s a two part tale that reveals, at last, how the Hulk escaped the gamma bomb in middleton, and a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

So, kneel at the altar of the Hulk, and enjoy this episode.

PADSMASH! Episode 18: Incredible Hulk 348 and Web of Spider-Man 44

Joe Fixit vs. The Absorbing Man, which should be enough to convince you to download the episode.

But, in case it’s not, beginning this episode, the show focuses COMPLETELY on the Peter David era of the Hulk.

Still not all-in?

Okay, how about a crossover with The Amazing Spider-Man who is so popular with the kids, and starring in the next comic book blockbuster of the summer?That’s right. Now we have your attention. So, stop reading this, and download the episode already.

PADSMASH! Episode 17: Incredible Hulk 347


Join us as we dive into a dramatically new chapter in the life of The Hulk.

Welcome to Las Vegas– city of sin, where you can gamble the night away at Michael Berengetti’s casino, The Coliseum.

Just watch your behavior, because you don’t want to bring about the ire of Mr Fixit.

The Incredible Hulk has a new home, and a new lot in life… and a new love interest in Marlo Chandler, who will go on to be a major supporting player for the Hulk for the long term.

PADSMASH! Episode 16- Incredible Hulk 346

After the tragic ending of the last episode, Clay, Betty, and Rick face the music. What happened to The Hulk? What pushed Clay to turn on SHIELD and go rogue? What will become of the gamma bombs, and how is it that The Leader has finally defeated The Incredible Hulk?

But, before that, it’s a trip to the future where the Hulk and the Executioner fight… a lot.

And, don;t miss the announcement at the end of the show, as PADSMASH’s new co-host is revealed, and prepare for new episodes THIS SUMMER, as new things are developing.

PADSMASH! Episode 15- Incredible Hulk 345

This is it!!!

The climax of the GROUND ZERO storyline.

Hulk, Clay, and Rick must rush to the small town ofMiddletownto stop a disaster of epic proportions, as The Leader lays a trap that not everyone will walk away from.Not to mention the classic look back at a dark future from the mind of Stan Lee, and a surprise villain appearance.

PADSMASH! Episode 14- Incredible Hulk 344

Betty and Bruce Banner come face to face with their issues, and have an intense, final confrontation with The Hulk.

Meanwhile, Rock and Redeemer make their move to steal the gamma bombs for The Leader, but a new player on the board may complicate things.

And, in the classic view- We visit the Blue Area of the Moon, and The Watcher to get a glimpse of The Ultimate Machine- a device that will prove deadly to one member of our cast.

PADSMASH! Episode 13- The Story So Far

Before we jump into the new year, I decided to take a look back with a quick retrospective of all the Hulk stories we have covered so far.

From the Hulk’s debut, to his first conflict with the Avengers, and into the more modern Peter David era, I gloss on all of it.

Prepare to cover years of stories in one, easy to swallow episode.

And, what is to come for the website in the future? You have to listen to find out.

So, this is a perfect jumping on point for new listeners, and a refresher for all the faithful Teen Brigade members.

be sure and let your friends know, and be back in just one week, as we pick right up with the Hulk’s adventures.

PADSMASH! Episode 12- Incredible Hulk 343

It’s the last PADSMASH! of 2011, and we are looking at The Incredible Hulk 343 .

The Hulk’s trek to get SHIELD’s Gamma bombs momentarily halts as he is reunited with Betty, and a trio of the Leader‘s robots.

And, did you ever wonder where Sam Larroquette and Craig Saunders came from, or what makes them tick? If the answer is yes, or even if it is no, their stories are revealed this issue.

Oh, yeah. Rick takes on the Hulk and wins!

And, in our classic tale, The Hulk is given the choice to join The Leader in the dark side, or face certain death in Tales to Astonish 71 and 72.

Download, enjoy, share.

PADSMASH! Episode 11- Incredible Hulk 342

Finally, PADSMASH! returns, armed with explanations as to what happened with my retirement.

Then, with that out of the way, we dive into a pair of classic stories in which Bruce Banner dies, but the Hulk lives on, and the Leader has some conflicting views on humanoids from Tales to Astonish 69 and 70.

Then, in Incredible Hulk 342, Half-Life returns to plague the Hulk, and brings the gray goliath to the brink of death.

And, the Leader’s plots thicken, as Betty banner is brought into the fold, and a MAJOR revelation that will give us one of the strongest cliffhangers of the run so far.

PADSMASH! Episode 10- Incredible Hulk 341

This week, it’s the Hulk versus the Man-Bull.

When the Hulk’s search for the gamma bomb stock pile leads him, Rick, and Clay to the fields ofKansas, The Hulk makes a decision that has drastic consequences.

The Hulk must fight a foe that may have already been defeated. It’s a battle that Hulk cannot truly win.

Plus, in our look at the classics, Hulk goes to Mongolia after ripping apart a literal army.

And, Bruce Banner finally finds his way home, but The Leader has already set a trap, and this is one that the Hulk may not find his way out of.