PADSMASH! Episode 04- Incredible Hulk 335

This is the episode where the show begins going weekly.

Thanks to some scheduling changes, PADSMASH! will now be available every Friday.

We start the episode with a few, out of chronology Hulk appearances, beginning with The Amazing Spider-Man #14.

We take a light look at the Hulk’s encounter with our friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, which is also the first appearance of the Green Goblin.

For a more detailed account, check out the Amazing Spider-Man Classics Podcast episode 10 by following the hyper-link.

Then, the Hulk takes on Giant-Man in Tales to Astonish issue 59, and the Human Top arrives to help.

And on top of all of that- Tales to Astonish #60, where the Hulk makes his home for many decades, beginning with a fight against an unseen enemy in a robot.

Then, it’s the main event- The Incredible Hulk #335 with guest artist John Ridgway telling a horrific tale of supernatural horror.

Hulk enters a small town in time to meet up with a twisted stranger who holds a dark temptation for the Hulk, one that Hulk may not be able to resist.

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