PADSMASH! Episode 10- Incredible Hulk 341

This week, it’s the Hulk versus the Man-Bull.

When the Hulk’s search for the gamma bomb stock pile leads him, Rick, and Clay to the fields ofKansas, The Hulk makes a decision that has drastic consequences.

The Hulk must fight a foe that may have already been defeated. It’s a battle that Hulk cannot truly win.

Plus, in our look at the classics, Hulk goes to Mongolia after ripping apart a literal army.

And, Bruce Banner finally finds his way home, but The Leader has already set a trap, and this is one that the Hulk may not find his way out of.

PADSMASH! Episode 09- Incredible Hulk 340

This week- it’s Adamantium Rage in the snow as The Hulk comes face to claw with the X-Men’s Wolverine.

It’s a ferocious battle of strength and willpower as the Gray Goliath takes on the mutant poster-child who made his first appearance in the Incredible Hulk comics.

If that wasn’t enough- Bruce Banner fights communist Soviets who have captured him.

Marvel at the Hulk, out for vengeance, and the first appearance of a proton pack.

It’s a ton of full-on cold war battle, as Hulk makes a friend, and then loses a friend.

Oh, yeah. An I used to be intimidated by the X-Men from this era. Listen to find out why.

PADSMASH! Episode 08- Incredible Hulk 339

The Hulk’s saga continues.

This week- a pair of classic stories, in which The Leader sends some spongy humanoids after Bruce banner’s nuclear invention, only to find that the Hulk objects.

And, when Bruce banner ends up on trial, the one who sweeps in and saves him will shock you.

Then, it’s all about the daddy issues, as the gray Hulk and his crew visit Boulder, Colorado, where they learn that no everything on the surface, matches what is underneath.

Hulk is exposed to a fiery young man, who reveals some layers of the Hulk.

And, the show finally has e-mails. I read them, and the iTunes reviews (Which is a litle overdue.)