PADSMASH! Episode 07- Incredible Hulk 338 and Mighty Thor 385

This time around, it’s some Hulk vs Thor action.

But, before we get to that, we have two major first appearances, once that will stay with the book.

In Tales to Astonish 61, Major Glenn Talbot walks onto the base for the first time, as the Hulk chases Bruce Banner‘s stolen robot.

Then, in issue 63, The Hulk must face the Chameleon, as The Leader graces the pages of comic books for the first time.

And, in both, Betty Ross is referred to as Miss Brant. As in Betty Brant of Spider-Man fame.

Then, we move on to Journey into Mystery 112, in which we find out that there was more to the battle in Avengers #3 than we thought- Hulk had a one on one with The Mighty Thor.

Moving into the eighties, we have a flashback tale featuring the savage Green Hulk going up against Thor again.

And for Thor, it’s a truly painful lesson.

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Then, the main feature- Incredible Hulk 338, featuring a new villain on a mission of mercy, that could prove deadly for both Bruce Banner and The Hulk.

A truly epic episode, ready for your downloading pleasure.

PADSMASH! Episode 06- Incredible Hulk 337

This week is a big one.

Hulk takes on X-Factor, Shield, Doc Samson– and it all leads up to a new direction for the book.

In the clutches of SHIELD, Hulk is sentenced to death. But, Cyclops and the other members of X-Factor realize something is wrong, and have to fight their way out of gamma base to survive, before a twist that will propel the Hulk to a new mission.

Before that, though- The Hulk of the 1960’s also battles pretty much everyone- The Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and stoops to trainjacking all in the name of putting a hurtin’ on the Avengers.

Speaking of the Avengers-Hulk makes a brief cameo in the pages of Avengers #5, and the Lava monsters won’t know what hit them.

It’s non-stop action in this, the sixth episode of PADSMASH!: An Incredible Hulk Podcast.

PADSMASH! Episode 05- Incredible Hulk 336

It’s back to superhero action, as the Hulk battles a team of the original X-Men when X-Factor shows up.

It’s high octane action, leading the book up to a boiling point that will take it in an entirely new direction.

What is Clay Quartermain‘s intentions toward Bruce Banner, will he terminate the puny doctor?

And What is the deal with trains getting thrown around in the Marvel Universe?

It’s catch-up time in our classic lookback, and that means Avengers 1-3, in which the Hulk joins a team.

Hulk breaks up with the team.

Hulk fights the team… a lot.

And Hulk tries to destroy the team by teaming up with a guy whose idea of proper dinner attire is a pair of green speedos.

That, and Bob Banner shows up, too.