PADSMASH! Episode 01- Piece of Mind

This is it.

The very first episode of the podcast devoted entirely to The Incredible Hulk.

For the debut episode, J. David Weter tells us what the show will be covering, introduces us to Peter Alan David (PAD), and then takes a light look at the first two issues of The Incredible Hulk.

Then, it’s the main event as we look at The Incredible Hulk #328, the first issue that Peter David wrote of the Hulk. But, that means taking a quick tour of Hulk issues 314-327, before looking at The Hulk’s run-in with Fragment in the desert.


Coming August 19th, 2011- PADSMASH: An Incredible Hulk Podcast

covering every issue of Peter Alan David‘s (PAD) 12 year run on The Incredible Hulk- an epic tale of the Green Goliath.

Hosted by J. David Weter (Superman Forever Radio, Xavier’s Podcast for Gifted Youngsters, The Walking Dorks) the show will look at the run issue by issue in a bi-weekly format.

Join the fun every two weeks as we delve into the psyche of Bruce banner, meet Joe Fixit, fight alongside the pantheon, and most importantly- WE SMASH!!

You can find the show at