This is Where Dave Rides Away

I’m listening to George Strait’s “This is Where the Cowboy Rides Away” and trying to find the right words.

Well, those words aren’t coming, so I will settle with being straight with you all. (See what I did there?)

THANK YOU!!! This is the most important thing that I can say, so it needs to be at the top- THANK YOU for four years of listening to me ramble on various podcasting endeavors.

But, I am putting down the podcasting microphone. If not for good,  then for an extended and undetermined amount of time.

I had a lot of plans for the shows that I host/produce, but I also have a lot of responsibilities and relationships that have been slighted by the amount of time that I spend on podcasting.

No, nothing horrific or tragic is occurring. This isn’t a dramatic thing. It’s something that has been gnawing at me for a while now, and I put some long hours into figuring out if this is what I want to do.

For four years, I have had a podcast or many podcasts. This is a hobby that can, at times, take the form of a second job.

I’ve had a LOT of great times, and met a lot of great friends, but sometimes the grown-up, responsible decision is the one that must be made.

So, my Yeti microphone is in it’s box, placed safely in a closet. There may come a day when I venture into the closet, pull out the old girl, and fire up audacity.

But, that won’t be any time soon, I am afraid.

I’m filled with mixed emotions. I’m sad that episodes that I have set-up in my head may never be made, and that I am letting my listeners down.

That last part kills me a bit. My listeners have been beyond gracious over the last four years, many becoming good friends along the way.

But, my attention is needed elsewhere, and I’m ready to rest a bit, as well.

Once again, THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart and soul, THANK YOU for the last four years, and taking time to listen to the shows I have made.

I’ll still be around on social media, always ready to talk. Just not on a microphone.


-J David “Dave” “You may know me from the internet” Weter

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PADSMASH! Episode 64- Great X-Pectations

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pad 64 albumX-Factor goes up against another X-Team’s villains, when Stryfe and the Mutant Liberation Front stop by for some tea.

Except, without the tea, and there is actually a lot of fighting because they are breaking the Nasty Boys out of prison.

And, the final fate of Vic Chalker, a tale of tragedy and woe the likes of which have never been seen in a comic book before. Get the tissues handy for this one as we cover X-Factor #77

It’s the final episode of PADSMASH for 2013, as Dave and Lee are taking a break. PADSMASH will return to a bi-weekly schedule on March 21, 2014. Stay safe until then.

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PADSMASH! Episode 63- Fortunes of War

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pad63 albumThe conclusion of “War and Pieces” is here. X-Factor and The Hulk confront Farnoq Dahn with The Pantheon along for the ride.

Incredible Hulk 392 gives us the final fate of Trans-Sabal, and the ending will haunt one of our core characters going forward.

Lee and Dave talk about the cost of war, and the repercussions, and gray areas of where The Hulk has gone this time.

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PADSMASH! Episode 62- X-Communication

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pad 62 album

This time around, a bit of an interlude to “War and Pieces” which finds Wolfsbane in the starring role of a though-provoking story.

While the rest of X-Factor goes toe to toe with The Pantheon, we get a glimpse into the culture and mindset of Trans-Sabal, and that leads to an event that will forever change one character.

Lee and David look at, and discuss, X-Factor #76, and don’t forget- next week is the conclusion of “War and Pieces.”

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PADSMASH! Episode 61- X-Calation

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pad61 album

The crossover between X-Factor and The Incredible Hulk hits high gear, as our merry mutants arrive in Trans-Sabal.

Incredible Hulk 391 pits our two books against each other, for an intense fight, that may not end well for Havok and The Hulk.

Lots of explosions, emotions, and mustach-twitching excitement awaits in the crossover event of the year, with J David Weter and Lee Busby doing the play by play.

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